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Year 1 Class

Age: 5+ years

Duration: 8.30-15.30 or 8.30-18.30

Year 1 is the class when we hope that your child can apply and build upon the skills they have acquired in Nursery and Reception. It is often a magical year where children discover they can read, write and express themselves with growing confidence. At Park Kultury, we are committed to challenging, preparing and encouraging your child to feel comfortable in any International School or State School environment. Even if your child moves onto a school that speaks a different language other than English, the skills and love of learning your child has developed at Park Kultury Nursery will be transferable.

A Year 1 classroom will not lose the fun and enjoyment of exploration but will have more routine and structure than Reception and Year 1. Lessons will create a balance between independent learning through role play, speaking and listening, self driven inquiry and turn taking play and teacher led activities. Teachers will divide learning into topics and themes that will challenge and interest your child and allow them to articulate their thinking through more recording. We still want each child in Year 1 to feel they are learning, playing and most of all enjoying every day with us.


Children at Park Kultury will now have a more mature understanding of the English language. If a child enters this year group without the same capabilities in English, they will be supported by staff and given opportunities to catch up in smaller and more directed groups. The classroom will continue to be language rich with things to read, write, explore and talk about. Children will be exposed to teaching strategies such as ‘Talk for Writing’ where they will build up a bank of common writing structures (such as how to write letters, news reports, stories and diaries) to use all the way through their education. They will be encouraged to talk through their thinking in subjects such as mathematics and literacy and will often act out what they want to record using actions! This will help them feel confident and capable in recording their thinking.


Year 1 children will become role models to their littler classmates in Nursery and Reception and will be encouraged to model compassion, kindness and good manners around the school. Topics will continue to explore cultural themes but will also include moral themes such as relationships, right and wrong choices and how to stay safe. Year 1 children will be encouraged to compare their own cultures to those of their classmates and celebrate their differences. Children will be given responsibilities throughout the day such as leading the line, tidying areas of the classroom, pouring their classmates a drink or helping the adults to embed an understanding of how to be a good citizen in the world and make a positive contribution towards society.


Children will have developed the skills to inquire about and explore objects with more independence. Adults will continue to interact naturally and enthusiastically in both self initiated and adult led activities in order to make learning visible and stimulating. The classroom environment will celebrate curiosity and learning with displays such as ‘Wonder Walls,’ and ‘Working Walls’. Teachers will lead the whole class or small groups in more directed learning experiences that will be shared through pictures, writing and learning journeys. Children will be encouraged to consider their own learning after each lesson and whether they feel they have achieved it.


Children will continue to express and articulate themselves through the use of resources and learning experiences such as arts and crafts, role play and story telling, musical expression, fine and gross motor development and song. Children will have more mature and developed bodies so that they can make their writing, drawing, building, sculpting and imaginary play more clear to an audience. Children will also work towards performances that will help build confidence and audience awareness, such as the telling of a familiar story or a celebration of their learning at the end of a topic.

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