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Russian club

Age: 3-6 years

Duration: 3 hours

The rate for one single class:


The rate for set of classes (per lesson):


Park Kultury Nursery offers a specially designed, game-oriented two-year course for school preparation following the child's age characteristics. The main objectives of our classes are:

  • development of the basic physiological functions necessary for successful learning at school (attention, memory, thinking, etc.);

  • development of phonemic hearing;

  • development of fine motor skills;

  • development of a creatively active personality;

  • development of coordination of movements.

In math classes, children will be able to recognize:

  • a quantity and a number;

  • main geometry shapes: circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle;

  • recognize the "neighbors" of each number within 10;

will learn how to:

  • correlate the number and number of items;

  • count from 0-10 and from 10 - 0;

  • make numbers from 2 - 10;

  • solve simple mathematical tasks;

  • be able to write a graphic dictation (one cell to the right, one cell to the left, etc.) on a section paper.

will understand:

the concepts of “more - less”, “equal to”, “big - small”, “high - low”, “wide - narrow”.

In reading classes, children will learn:

  • the difference between a letter and a sound;

  • how to correlate a sound with a letter;

  • to allocate the sounds in a word and describe them (vowel-consonant, hard - soft, voice - voiceless);

  • select words for a given sound or letter;

  • read words and simple sentences (in syllables);

  • understand what the sentence is and where it ends;

  • make a story of 5-6 sentences from a picture;

  • retell small texts;

We will not forget about the writing skills and teach your child how to properly hold a pen in a hand, how to trace pictures along a contour, and how to copy a geometric shape into cells.

After our course, the child will easily pass the testing and be admitted to any school.

The Public Offer, which you can find here, sets out the basic rules, regulations and essential conditions for the provision of services by the Park Kultury Nursery Kindergarten.

Acceptance of an offer means that you agree with all the provisions of this offer, and is tantamount to entering into a service contract. The date of conclusion of the contract is the date of payment. Under this link you can find a receipt for payment.

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Club timetable



Russian club 3-6 years



Russian club 3-6 years



Russian club 3-6 years



Russian club 3-6 years



Russian club 3-6 years

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