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Nursery Class

Age: 3-4 years

Duration: 8.30-15.30 or 8.30-18.30

Our Nursery class will provide the introduction to learning at Park Kultury Nursery. In a large, spacious and organised classroom filled with natural light, children will be exposed to activities and resources that will stimulate their creativity, their curiosity about the world around them and their love of learning.


We are aware that many of our little learners will come to us with English as their second language or having not been exposed to English before. Through a day that is filled with English songs, stories and games we will expose your child to the language in a fun and relaxed environment. We will use Makaton signs as well as picture cues to support your child’s ability to express themselves and communicate in English. Our daily routines such as arriving at school, greeting each other, snack and mealtimes, toilet time, playtime and home time will be utilised to develop repetitive early vocabulary that will help build confidence in simple phrases and speech patterns in English.


Children will learn alongside each other, surrounded by compassionate and qualified adults who will gently encourage your child to interact with their classmates and develop important early social skills such as turn taking, sharing, conflict resolution, emotional awareness and how to be a good friend.


Children will spend the majority of their day directing their own play and learning in a carefully crafted environment. Adults will interact naturally and take an interest in their play, asking open questions and encouraging the child to be curious and take their learning further. Adults will also lead small groups in more directed play to develop early inquiry skills (asking questions), early reading and counting skills, speech and language, social and emotional awareness and compassion towards their classmates.


Children will be taught how to express and articulate themselves through the use of resources and learning experiences such as arts and crafts, role play and story telling, musical experimentation, fine and gross motor exploration and plenty of song.

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Class teachers

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