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Zhang Yuebo





RUDN University - Early Childhood Educator

Zhang Yuebo began her teaching career in 2003. She has extensive experience in teaching children from nursery through elementary school. Bilingual educators have a full understanding of what it means to purposefully teach a child to fluency in two languages ​​from early childhood, gradually immersing them into the language environment.

She likes to play sports, enjoys participating in Moscow marathon and loves to travel. Through a wide range of interests, Zhang finds novel ways to incorporate new knowledge into her work.

I moved from China to Moscow in 1991 when I was only 6 years old, therefore, I understand what it is like from childhood to learn another foreign language. Judging from my own experience of learning a foreign language at an early age, I want to make my own contribution into this educational field, considering all pros and cons and using the latest pedagogical methods that were not available in the past.

Classes and clubs

Chinese club

Age: 3-5+ years

Park Kultury Nursery has the great pleasure of offering a specially designed program for learning Chinese from an early age.

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